Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 12

A bit of a cheat today...doing the at-least-once obligatory google maps map of where Islip is located...on the south shore, about the middle of the island, lengthwise. Islip is quite small, only 5.8 square miles...but i guess they're really packin'em in, cuz the population's almost 21,000. Which seems almost impossible in such a small area...and yet??


Iris said...

Bettye, while I LOVE your photos - thanks for the map. I could have looked it up, but just hadn't gotten around to it and always wondered just 'where' it was located. Not really even sure I understood "Long Island" before.

Kat Simpson said...

not a cheat - I need to do that also :) kat

Fashion Schlub said...

Yeah, it's really an island - runs about 120 miles long, and ranges from 12 to 24 miles wide. You must cross a bridge or go through a tunnel to get on or off by car. You can take either to get to Manhattan or New Jersey. The two main counties on LI are Nassau (to the west) and Suffolk (to the east). They're both suburban areas. Being closer to the city, Nassau is much more populated, while Suffolk still has a lot of farmland as you get further out east (towards the Hamptons and Montauk Point). Technically, both Queens and Brooklyn are ON Long Island, though no one from either place would ever say they live on Long Island, they'd say they live in Queens or Brooklyn. They're both much more urban, have high rises, etc. Parts of them look just like the city (Manhattan).

And that's about all I know!

I know, most people not on the east coast don't really have a good understanding of New York at all. You say you live in NY, and they think you live in the city. The city, Manhattan, is a VERY small part of NY - it's CONSIDERABLY smaller than Long Island (it's like 23 square miles vs Long Island's 1400). Most of NY is "upstate," or "eastern NY," that whole big area north of Manhattan (and LI), that reaches Ohio to the west and Canada to the north. Upstate is HUGE.

Okay, that's my geography lesson for the night, I had to look some stuff up on Wikipedia, so it was a lesson for me, too!

Fashion Schlub said...

I meant "western ny"